Phenolic Resin
TAMANOL 500 SERIES PRODUCT DATA TAMANOL 500 series resins are 100% alkyl phenolic resins, especially prepared for use in chloroprene rubber-based adhesives.
Chloroprene rubber has an excellent weathering, oil and chemical resistance. However, it is necessary to use a modifying agent to improve the properties of chloroprene rubber adhesives such as tackiness retention time, phasing stability, heat resistance and adhesion strength.

TAMANOL 500 series resins have excellent compatibility with chloroprene rubber and, therefore, it is an indispensable modifying agent for chloroprene rubber for manufacturing adhesives to meet specific purposes.
TAMANOL 901 PRODUCT DATA Tamanol 901 is a thermoplastic rosin phenolic resin developed by Arakawa Chemical Industries, and has a high softening point. It is used as a tackifier for polychloroprene adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, etc.

This resin has a narrow molecular weight distribution in some polar groups, is compatible with various kinds of elastomers and resins, and is soluble in various kinds of solvents.

As a tackifier for hot-melt adhesives, Tamanol 901 provides excellent heat stability, increases heat creep, and also increases adhesion to various kinds of surfaces such as paperboard, etc.
TAMANOL PA PRODUCT DATA Tamanol PA is a novolac type pure phenolic resin.